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About Us

About Us

Modern Room Deco is based on the idea that everything you place within your dwelling should make it feel a bit more like home. I understand that you have dozens of options when it comes to buying a new bed, sofa, table, chair, or loveseat. However, what you don’t have at those other places is a team that offers experience and understanding of both design and furniture crafting, as well as a dose of creativity which allows us to understand what it is you want and how to offer it to you.

My personal love for artful and clean design comes from my interior decorating background that spanned twenty years and several major US homebuilders. I later decided to leave the more rigid homebuilder worklife to pursue my independent consultancy.

There is something to be said about rooms that are clean and minimalistic.

They represent purity; a freshness.

Their "story" builds on even the most limited of spaces. The inspiration for clean and modern designs isn't just rooted in my love for simplicity, but for elegance. 

I carefully pick each and every collection on this website for its durability, design, and sturdiness. Each of the collections on this site represents a facet of beauty and design; clean lines and artful expressions for all rooms; for homes and businesses alike.

Yours Truly,

Shawn Richards


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About Us


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Modern Room Deco is a Miami-based Authorized Dealer & Reseller. Modern Room Deco is fully permitted by the State of Florida (city, county, state registrations). W-9 available for institutional purchasers.